How To Get More Out Of Your Hunting Trip

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How To Get More Out Of Your Hunting Trip

This article is for true hunters. I want to help all of you out there that have been hunting for years with little luck. This is not a fluffy article it is the truth and I will give you the facts. From years of hunting and thousands of dollars wasted, I have found what works. I like to be comfortable while hunting and I don’t like to come home empty-handed. The number one thing for hunting success is not to be in the woods.

How many times have you been in the woods and a deer finally stumbles upon you to look you in the eyes, snort, and stomp, then split before you can shoot? If you were not in the woods that would never have happened. What about the time it was so cold so you bundled up walked a few miles climb up a tree and then spooked the buck of a lifetime because the wind changed? Again if you were not in the woods that would never have happened.

This is another way to explain this to you. While you go out shopping I get a hunting suite the same exact color and pattern of your wall and stand their motionless. What is the chance you will know something is not right? Now, how about I go get a dog house popup blind and sit it in the corner of your house and it’s the same color and pattern of whatever the area is? I think there would be no fooling you at all! I know what if I got something that smelled familiar to you and poured it all over myself? Would any of these scenarios or any combination together fool you? Most likely not!

What I am getting at is when we are out hunting it’s exactly like walking into someone’s home. The ticket is not to be noticeable. That might sound “goofy” as this is what you already know this. The issue here is you and every other hunter has been conditioned to hunt a specific way! The wrong way!

If we set up a contest say an Indian that hunted for his survival and us that do it for the sport who would kill the game first. It doesn’t even come down to reasons for hunting but technique. Do not be in the woods while hunting! You must be part of the woods while hunting. Stand out as little as possible! The following are a few hunting techniques I use and that do work. I also suggest limiting your spending to a few hunting products that do work and then you will not have to buy anything but bullets and a license for years to come.

The best technique that you can possibly use that entails a little effort is digging a hole. If you can dig a hole you can kill deer! I have killed may deer while hole hunting. You dig a hole in the summer about 4′ deep you can hunt from it. This is a great strategy for many reasons.

•  You can see underbrush easily to see feet coming at you.
•  Your scent is greatly masked underground
•  You will not get cold from breezes or wind
•  You can put a chair in that hole that is comfortable
•  You have the steadiest gun rest ever made (the ground)
•  If for some reason they see movement they usually think you are a small animal
•  Lastly, it will keep you from getting shot while hunting!

I really only use 2 things while hunting like this a blanket or pull bag and a ground blind. The best portable ground blind I have found for this type of hunting is The Scope Blind. You can get it here. I like this blind best because it is light and is not fixed to the ground. I can turn in my hole or any cover to conceal myself regardless how the deer come to me. Remember to stay away from cover scents, use small blinds and dig a hole. Remember your friends may laugh at you as mine did but they will also compliment you on the deer jerky!

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